Tool Time Tuesday – Texture Hammers

Yesterday I was working in the studio on several projects and thinking about what I could do for today’s Tool Time Tuesday. As I was working on the pieces, I happened to be texturing them with a couple of the hammers I own, and thought it would be a great post.

There are man many ways to add texture to your piece, so certainly, you do not NEED to buy a hammer for that purpose. However, the textured hammers will give you a consistent look to the patterns that they apply. There are a number of ready made hammers available. This video demonstrates 4 hammers that can be purchased through me on special order. There are also three that were loaned to me by an online friend. Those hammers can be purchased through Jewelry Tools by Miland.

Mr. Miland has passed away and his tools are no longer available. 🙁

Images for the textures available through Miland can be found on their website at: Hammers.htm
Prices run about $35 for each hammer.
The Miland tools gave a great texture, but they were very heavy and I got fatigued a bit easier than with the other hammers.
The other four hammers can be ordered through me and are as follows:
This hammer has thin stripes and squares. I love the squares pattern on it.
This hammer has thicker stripes and inverted dimples.


This hammer has a diamond cross hatch and star pattern. The diamond pattern is one of my favorites. I don’t care so much for the effort it takes for the star pattern, but it still works.Each of the above hammers run approximately $20 plus shipping.


This last hammer has 9 interchangeable heads. It features most of the patterns of the above 3 hammers. The patterns that are duplicated tend to be a little smaller in scale.
This hammer runs about $44, plus shipping.So how do they compare? Well check out my YouTube video:

My thanks to my friend Robyn Hawk for loaning me the Miland tools. Be sure to check out some of Robyn’s blogs. She is prolific when it comes to the jewelry industry.

For all of those that will be traveling to be with family and friends this week, safe travels. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.


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